With the recent announcement that Microsoft will be acquiring the Adxstudio product business, there are a number of details that will affect our customers and partners.  The following will address many of the Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Can partners continue to transact Adxstudio Portals deals?

Reseller partners will continue to use Adxstudio agreement forms until Adxstudio licensing is incorporated into the Microsoft Volume Licensing program (currently targeted for the Spring Release). 

2. How will transacting business change?

When Adxstudio is available on Microsoft Volume Licensing, Microsoft will initiate terminations of the then-current Adxstudio reseller agreements, to transition to Microsoft partner program. Adxstudio partners are invited to join the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) program and sign a Certified Software Advisor Agreement (CSA). This will be necessary to receive margin on future sales of Adxstudio when it becomes available on Microsoft Volume Licensing and MOSPA (Office 365 Commerce Engine). Upon review of the existing channel, our assessment is the vast majority of partners already have these credentials but for partners who are need to pursue these agreements, the details are listed below:

We recommend that partners who do not have these credentials in place, to make a plan to do so in the near future given Adxstudio reseller agreements will be terminated shortly after Adxstudio licensing is available on Microsoft Volume Licensing (targeting Spring Release).

3. What are the current reseller margins?

Under the Adxstudio agreements, partners receive 20% for first your first three portal license sales and the margin increased to 25% thereafter for any portal sale beyond the first three sales. 

4. Will the Adxstudio Referral Partner Agreements change?

We will be terminating Adxstudio referral partner agreements effective January 30th 2015. Only deals booked by January 30th 2015 to receive referral margins.

5. Will Adxstudio ISV Agreements change?

It is our intention to migrate existing ISV agreements to the Microsoft ISV Program. More specific details on the program and process will be available in early January 2016.

6. What happens to existing customer contracts?

Microsoft will honor all existing customer agreements. As customers renew, they will be transitioned to Microsoft agreements.

7. Is there an opportunity for Partner Q&A?

We will be holding a webcast for Adxstudio resellers on December 21st at 11:30EST to review the changes and answer any questions that you may have. To join, please visit http://partner.adxstudio.com/partner-webinars/ to register for the event.

8. What Adxstudio training options are available?

We will be holding training on the following partner dates. Registration is required to attend. 

    • Microsoft Mountain View Office – January 27th and January 28th
    • Microsoft UK Office – March 3rd and 4th.
    • Microsoft Reston Office – March 15th and 16th

9. Are there plans for an Adxstudio certification program?

Adxstudio certification will be a module that CRM Partners will certify on as part as an all-inclusive Dynamics Service Certification (Target launch July 2016)

10. Will Adxstudio sales count toward CRM quotas?

Yes, we are working with finance to enable any sale of Adxstudio will be counted as CRM cloud quota and Cloud revenue. This will likely be a manual year end transaction to will retire quotas in the field.

11. Will there be changes to the future pricing of Adxstudio and will it be included in the Microsoft CRM SKUs? 

The plan of record is to continue to sell Adxstudio as an additional Microsoft SKU. We do not plan to include in the Microsoft CRM Enterprise, Pro, Basic or Essential SKU.

12. What is the current pricing?

  • Adxstudio license for a single production CRM organization: $11,995 USD
  • Adxstudio license for unlimited non-production CRM organizations: $11,995 USD
  • Adxstudio annual software maintenance (18%): $4,318 USD

Additional currency information can be found on the Pricing page.

Customers will continue to contract with Adxstudio directly.  Post Spring Release the plan of record is to include Microsoft Azure licenses with the Adxstudio offering at a baseline cost of USD$995.00/org/month.  Adxstudio will not be included in CRM Pro licenses, but can be purchased as needed for CRM clients who need portal capabilities

13. Are discounts available to NFP's, Educational Institutions or Governments?

Under Adxstudio customer agreements, we offer NFP, Public Sector and Education organizations a 10% discounts (license & maintenance) to NFP’s (as defined by Microsoft).

14. Is there discounted pricing available to LATAM or emerging markets?

Adxstudio does not have a set schedule of discounts for these markets. Microsoft does take into account localized pricing needs across the more than 53 markets that CRM is offered in today.

15. If I want to purchase Portals for just one solution are such as Event Management is there a different pricing structure?

No, pricing is not based on solution implementations.  Adxstudio Portals is offered at one license price for production use.  Customer have the flexibility to use Portals for one or many solutions per CRM organization at no additional cost.  

16. Is Software Maintenance required?

Yes, year one required at purchase time. Subsequent years to be paid on anniversary date.

17. Can customers pre-pay for multiple years of Software Maintenance?

No.  Software Maintenance can only be purchased one year at a time.

18. Can Software Maintenance be purchased for less than one year?

No, software maintenance is required for the full 12 months of the contract.

19. What does Software Maintenance provide?

Annual software maintenance entitles license holders to free software updates over the term of their paid maintenance subscription. When purchasing a Portals license, customers are required to enroll in an annual software maintenance program. Annual software maintenance rates are equal to 18% of current MSRP of the license in question, per year.

20. What about SaaS pricing and recommended deployment options?

Post Spring Release the plan of record is to provide a cloud offering that will include Microsoft Azure licenses with the Adxstudio offering at a baseline cost of USD$995.00/org/month.    

For customers using CRMOL, it is recommended to host our solution in Azure Web Apps.  This will allow your portal to be in the same datacenter as your CRMOL and provide for a scalable platform.

21. What are the limitations to the SaaS offering?

No changes can be made to the underlying ASP.NET web project. All development must be done within CRM and client side technologies such as Liquid Template, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and HTML

22. Are there any changes to the ALM Toolkit pricing?

Yes, the ALM Toolkit is now a free offering and can be downloaded from the Community site.

23. Can I see a demo of ALM Toolkit?

There are a number of online resources that are very helpful in evaluating the ALM Toolkit which are typically the best route to evaluate the tools.  If there are still questions about specific items, take advantage of our community forum where other users and our development team can weigh in.

24. How do internal customers need to be licensed for CRM in order to use Adxstudio Portals?

If customers use our portals, the data is stored in CRM and ALL employees or contractors acting as an employee are required to have a CAL/SAL. The portals use contact records and therefore the minimum CAL is Basic.

25. How do I get started and learn how to demo?

Overview videos can be accessed at http://community.adxstudio.com/learning/videos/

For hands on training, please visit http://partner.adxstudio.com/partner-webinars/ to register for an upcoming training event.

26. How do I get license keys for Adxstudio Portals?

Adxstudio partners receive license keys for 12 months at a time. Additional demo keys can be requested for 30 days to support engagements.

27. How do I extend an Adxstudio Portals trial license beyond 30 days? 

You can make this request at the http://servicepartners.supportportal.com site to support qualified sales opportunities.

28. How do I get support for technical questions?

For technical questions, you can search for answers on our Community Site at http://community.adxstudio.com/ or log them into our Forum at http://community.adxstudio.com/forums/adxstudio-portals.  

Additionally, we will be making the Bootcamp training available on demand as another source of information.

29. What are the technical support options? 

For free support for non-time-critical issues, we have a forum that our development group monitors and provides answers to questions.  This can be found at http://community.adxstudio.com/forums/adxstudio-portals.  You may also find resolution to your question by searching this site for previous postings. For paid support, you can open a support ticket at http://community.Adxstudio.com/helpdesk/.  The cost per incident is $250.

30. Where can I find customer references to share with prospects

Please see the Adxstudio partner site for currently available customer references as well as the Adxstudio case study page.

31. Is there an Adxstudio BDM deck I can use?

We are working on creating an updated Adxstudio BDM deck. For now, the current Adxstudio presentation deck available in the Adxstudio Partner Portal can be used as a resource and you may pull slides from it to use as necessary.

32. Does Adxstudio support other languages such as Spanish, German, Arabic, etc.?

Adxstudio Portals solutions are provided with English language labels in CRM, however the client facing websites support any language that CRM offers either individually or in a multi-regional/multi-lingual site.

33. There are a limited number of currencies listed on the Adxstudio pricing page. Is it possible to purchase Adxstudio Portals in countries that do not use these currencies, such as the UK and Japan? 

Customers may purchase Adxstudio Portals from any region but payment must be made in one of the following currencies; USD, CDN, AUD or EUR.